Unshackled Puts Down Roots in NYC

  • we invest in people with unique insights into big problems; Like Parfait’s view on how to disrupt the archaic wig space
  • we look to truly be the first money in
  • we only invest in teams with one or more immigrant founders; we helped Kesava and Dmitry get O1 Visas
  • our average check size is $350k
  • we are a generalist fund and focus on a founder’s hunt for problem market fit; we invested in the GridRaster team years before they signed large government contracts
  • we have immigration counsel in the partnership to handle all founder’s visa & Greencard processes, without any legal cost to the founders
  • we are pre-seed investors and see our capital best spent on customer discovery and problem validation; we invested in Brendan and Cate when they were in the market and space learning and validation process before they even completed the Pngme API



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Unshackled Ventures

Unshackled Ventures

An early stage venture fund for immigrant-founded startups