Unshackled Ventures is the first and only pre-seed venture fund designed for immigrant-founded startups. The fund provides investment capital, along with full immigration support, including visa sponsorship and employment, and plugging portfolio founders into the VC ecosystem. We are a team of five based in San Francisco, CA investing out of our 2nd fund of $20M.

We are excited to add a new full-time member to our investment team. The Analyst will be responsible for engaging in a variety of investment-related activities, including sourcing, evaluating investment opportunities and deep dives into new topic areas.

Profile Desired:

Are you a current University student who is either looking to start a company, join a high-growth startup or learn more about VC investing? We’d love to hear from you.

At Unshackled we are bullish on students as founders and funders and are excited to announce applications are open for our fourth class of University Fellows. Venture is often celebrated as an industry built on the apprenticeship model, and we want to increase immigrant students’ access to the collective knowledge of our fund and our networks.

This year-long fellowship will include classroom-style sessions 📚 , diligence research projects 🔍 …

We chatted with some of our alumni to get the scoop on the Unshackled Fellowship

As we launch Fellowship applications for cohort 4.0, we thought we’d call on our alumni to share their top tips for the Fellowship including: application help, how to make the most of the experience and how it informed their next big career moves. Our Fellows are an extension of our team and we can’t wait to meet our next crew!

Ready to apply to Fellowship 4.0? Tap this link or feel free to share with those who might have interest!

What did you enjoy most…

Are you Unshackled’s rockstar community lead? Apply today!

What you will do

Community & event management

This will include:

Portfolio Support

Unshackled’s Newest Investment Analyst!

By Maria Salamanca

From our first interaction with E’mani our team was inspired by her deep passion to bridge the gap between what she saw in her community in SF and the rest of the tech world around it. There was a line from our first conversation that stood out from many other candidates and which resembled our team values, she said: “I don’t find a lot of use in being anti-money or anti-power. I am more driven by understanding the problems these two can solve for the communities I care about.” …

And wants to invest in interactive media, gaming and new social medias.

By Maria Salamanca

Faye (left) with Aagya, CEO and co-founder of Aavia, in their natural habitat.

I can’t believe it has already been a year since Faye joined our team. Some of this is due to the warped world of COVID but most of it is that she hit the ground running from day one. I don’t say this lightly, but I am certain in Faye we have one of the most incredible consumer investors in the industry. She has shown us an amazing combination of: out of the box thinking, operator hustle, and thoughtful optimism. In just a year, she…

A Q&A with Unshackled’s Immigration Lawyer, Michael Serotte

Written and curated by Unshackled Fellow, Linda Ye

Last month, we invited our very own Michael Serotte, Founding Partner at Serotte Law Firm and immigration lawyer of 25+ years, to chat with our Roundtable cohort of future immigrant founders and help demystify the process for starting a company on a visa.

The biggest takeaway was that your immigration status should not preclude you from starting your company.

Welcome Class of 2020/1!

There can be no doubt: the impact of COVID-19 on student expectations and experiences has been extensive. According to a November 2020 study, 13% of students delayed graduation, 40% lost a job, internship, or offer, and 29% expect to earn less at 35 (years old) due to the pandemic. Understanding the current complex and uncertain state of education and work experience, we wanted to offer a program for trailblazing students (regardless of their location) that provides deep insights into venture capital and hands-on operator experience to contribute to their career development post-school. The Unshackled Fellowship 3.0…

Unshackled’s Newest Investment Analyst

The Unshackled team has had the pleasure of working with Faye since the beginning of this year. We have been blown away by her interactions with our founders, her enthusiasm for tech, and her endless curiosity about some of the most exciting spaces in our industry. We encountered several immigration (and COVID) hurdles to figure out how we could get her on our team. Considering this is one of our Superpowers we did everything we could and can finally say she is a full-time investment team member! …

We’re launching our Unshackled Roundtable 2.0 for future immigrant founders!

We all heard Marc Andreessen’s call “It’s time to build” but for many visionary immigrants with visas tied to their employment, it’s not so simple. For the past 5 years, Unshackled Ventures has worked to alleviate this pain point, by supporting operators to make their leap into entrepreneurship, regardless of the letter (H,TN,E,J,L) in front of their visa. We consider it our honor to help these brilliant minds realize their potential in the U.S. …

Unshackled Ventures

An early stage venture fund for immigrant-founded startups

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